Our Club was formed in May 1932 and has seen a whole host of changes over the years to embrace the technological advances in photography and to continually strive for improvement.

Our members come from all walks of life with many and varied photographic interests. Many of our members joined with little or no knowledge of the finer points of our hobby but they soon found that the friendly atmosphere encourages an excellent exchange of ideas, particularly with the more experienced members.

We welcome new members through our regular schedule of club competitions, outings, practical demonstrations and events.

Whether you are new to photography, or an old hand who wants to rekindle your interest, we’d be glad to see you. Come along and check us out.

You are invited to join us as a guest at any of our two monthly meetings (Competition and/or Photo Cafe evenings). Go to “contact us” and contact any of our Committee members for more details on dates, time, and venue.

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