Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA)

Why should I join the Photographic Society of South Africa (PPSA)?

The Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) serves like a governing body of the Photographic world of South Africa. Photography, this great hobby that we all enjoy and have fun with.

The PSSA provides guidelines to the clubs in all the regions throughout South Africa. They do not dictate, but guidelines help the clubs to establish a good grounding for the running of clubs and their monthly club competitions.

By joining the PSSA you benefit from the PSSA quarterly magazine, which is full of tutorials on various aspects of photography and also showcases the work being done by all the members from around the country.

Salons entry fees are cheaper if you are a PSSA a member. Through salons a photographer can exhibit their work against the whole of South Africa. Many clubs require salon acceptances for their promotional purposes. (The Pretoria Photographic Society requires salon acceptances from 3 Star and up should you wish to be promoted.)

Diamond Ratings and Honours is also a big plus when you are a member of the PSSA. The information on these prestigious titles are on the PSSA website. Achieving your Honours is a privilege, as it showcases the work you do and exhibits this honour to your colleagues, friends, family, and in some cases, throughout the world.

The camaraderie established through photography with the various congresses that takes place is lasting, while you also gain some great learning from the Masters in Photography.

I just love to encourage people to become members of PSSA and I am very proud to have served this region as the Regional Director. It is a very strong region, producing some top photographers. The Gauteng North region, in the past, has appeared numerous times in the top ten in the Impala League and the Mono League over these past few years.

Visit the PSSA website at for more information.

Previous Regional Director – Gauteng North